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Curious about the advancement of clusters in the region? This section includes answers to common questions, communications from the Council, maps for the goal clusters and directories for agencies in your area.

What is an Intensive Program of Growth?

Milestone 1

Program of Growth – also called Milestone 1 is established when two nascent capacities emerge:

  1. A tutor, whether visiting or local, helps individuals study the institute sequence of courses and accompany them to initiate core activities
  2. Then these individuals must be able to attract others to participate in the core activities [devotionals, children’s classes, junior youth groups, study circles]
Milestone 2

Intensive Program of Growth – the capacities present in a cluster with an intensive program of growth are outlined in the 29 December 2016 message from the Universal House of Justice. These capacities include

  1. A commitment to systematic action, usually in teams
  2. An institute growing in strength
  3. Arrangements for accompaniment
  4. The emergence of a Cluster Coordinator and Area Teaching Committee
  5. The ability to devise plans
  6. The ability to learn through 3-month cycles of action
  7. The ability to have meaning conversation
  8. Greater involvement of larger numbers of people in community building efforts in receptive centers

As the friends in a cluster continue to reinforce and expand these capacities, it can be said that they have reached an intensive program of growth, otherwise referred to as milestone 2.

Milestone 3

Intensive Program of Growth  – the third milestone exists when a “mode of learning permeates the whole community and acts as a spur to the rise in institutional capacity… [and a] sense of collective ownership becomes more apparent from cycle to cycle.” Most notable is the ability to engage others as resources in meaningful social action emerging organically from a consciousness of the implications of the Revelation of Baha’u’llah. Activities generally number in the 100’s.

What is a Cluster Grouping?

Cluster Grouping Purpose

The purpose of a cluster grouping is to help adjoining clusters advance. As stated in the December 29, 2015 message from the Universal House of Justice:

Pursuit of this goal will also result in the emergence of new programmes of growth, often in unopened clusters that neighbour those where a significant advance has occurred. Such a flow of assistance finds its origin in the imperatives laid out in the Tablets of the Divine Plan.”

Adjoining Cluster

“In some regions that stretch across a large territory, Councils have made arrangements for nurturing the development of groups of adjoining clusters. ” -Universal House of Justice, 29 Dec 2015 Message

Adjoining Clusters are clusters that are geographically close and are encouraged to work together to build experience. This method is meant to help clusters advance from one milestone to the next. Every cluster, regardless of development, has the potential to provide helpful insights into this process.

Reservoir Cluster

A Reservoir Cluster serves the Adjoining Clusters by helping them strengthen cluster capacities through various means, including inviting friends to learn new capacities during intensive campaigns, hosting training or forming mobile teams to accompany local friends in milestone 1 clusters.

“We anticipate that progress will be more swiftly achieved in regions where one or more intensive programmes of growth have been sustained for some time, as these offer a valuable source of knowledge and experience and represent a reservoir of human resources as efforts are made to strengthen surrounding areas.” – Universal House of Justice, 29 Dec 2015 Message

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Messages from the Council

South Central Regional Council Message for Feast of Núr

South Central Letter – The Five Year Plan

Goal Cluster Maps

Below is a list of goal clusters for the South Central region, arranged by cluster grouping. These areas may need homefront pioneers or mobile teams. Contact the Regional Council for more information about potential service to these clusters.

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