Local Spiritual Assemblies at the Forefront

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Local Spiritual Assemblies at the Forefront

The South Central Regional Council hosted two gatherings for Local Spiritual Assemblies in Houston and Dallas. Spirits were high and the institutions were ready and in step with Learning in the final Five Years!

“That this process must go much further, there can be no doubt; nevertheless, developments demonstrate that a significant advance has already occurred. It has prepared the friends of God for a more exacting test of their capabilities, one that will also make great demands of your institution as you rally them to meet its requirements. In this coming Plan, which will conclude at the threshold of the second century of the Formative Age of the Faith, we will call the believers everywhere to the immense exertion necessary to bring to fruition the seeds that have been so lovingly and assiduously sown and watered in the five Plans that preceded it.” -Universal House of Justice, 29 December 2015 Message

 Spiritual Assemblies meet in Houston, TX May 7, 2016



 Spiritual Assemblies meet in Dallas, TX May 8, 2016




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