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“The movement of humanity towards the unity of mankind, as envisioned by Baha’u’llah the Prophet founder of the Bahá’í Faith, starts with the efforts of every willing individual in neighborhoods and villages across the world. Nearly a century ago, Abdu’l-Bahá the Center of the Covenant, wrote the Tablets of the Divine Plan, which provided a framework for how this noble goal of spiritual and material progress could be achieved.

“The South Central region was established in July 2012. It consists of the four states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana and is served by the South Central Regional Bahá’í Council. The Council shepherds the efforts of communities in achieving the goals of the current Plan set by the Universal House of Justice.”

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Current Goals

South Central Goals

The ambitious goal of establishing 5,000 clusters with a program of growth at any level was achieved in Ridván 2016. In clusters around the world community members—sometimes in the thousands, are taking part in well-established patterns of community building activities—including devotionals, children’s classes, junior youth groups, and study circles inspired by the Creative Word.

With this global pattern emerging a new goal for the next five years has been announced:

We are calling for growth to be accelerated in all clusters where [a program of growth] has begun. Notwithstanding the natural ebb and flow characteristic of an organic process, there should appear a clear arc of progress over the course of twenty cycles. This combined effort should seek to raise the number of clusters where a program of growth has become intensive to 5,000 by Riḍván 2021. — Universal House of Justice

In the South Central regional our share of this goal is to raise 71 clusters to an intensive program of growth.

Milestone 1
Milestone 2
Milestone 3

Arise to Serve

How may I serve?

  • Study institute courses which provides skills, abilities and habits to contribute to community building i.e., the ability to engage others in “spiritual conversations”
  • Tutor institute Courses in your neighborhood
  • Provide hospitality for pioneers, service youth, visitors from other clusters, etc.
  • Host, or co-host, Devotional gatherings in your neighborhood
  • Initiate or support a children’s or junior youth activity in your neighborhood or cluster (provide materials needed, engage parents, invite others, offer assistance with transportation, etc..)
  • Serve on a “mobile-team” assisting/ supporting adjoining clusters
  • Home-front pioneering (in another cluster, in a focused neighborhood
  • Youth offering a summer of service, or year of service
  • Pioneering to other clusters, cities, other countries, etc.

With hearts overflowing with love of God, with tongues commemorating the mention of God, with eyes turned to the Kingdom of God, they must deliver the Glad Tidings of the manifestation of the Lord of Hosts to all people… –‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Tablets of the Divine Plan

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